Guitar Hero – Livin’ On A Prayer – Drums Expert

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Livin’ On A Prayer on Guitar Hero. Expert drums.

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Darino risa y moar says:

Easy hero xd

Cloud Claws says:

I did not know u could hook up a drum extension. I know what I am buying next

Black White says:

Alguém 2019 ? Kkk

Jatavius Williams says:

I love drum games

videogamedood says:

I want to see a soulless 4 version of this lol

Vernon Christian Marquez says:

Plot Twist: Livin' on a Prayer drums parts actually easy. Don't argue with that. Even 8 years old drummer can play that without reading notes.

Playerunknown's Balkan Grounds says:

buy normal drums or at least electrical ones which you can turn off…you will learn more than this,all be it i like guitar hero,but i know how to play drums

⚠××Ský Black××⚠ says:


Luis el crack super says:

Que huevos guei eres de lo mejor

Trena Fleming says:

The OG guitar hero

Gibran Ibarra says:

Wow, everyone here are professional drummer

Steven Bedoya says:

242 people lost their drum kit dongle.

Sodah FN says:

If you hold your sticks farther back it will be and easier back fire??

humanman1 says:

This is honestly really easy and I don’t drum.

Karim Velarde says:

Ps3 or ps4?

twi4 says:

Если чё то не так уж

Indy Page says:

Steve jobs isn’t here
Steve job has no hair

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