Guitar Lesson 1 – Absolute Beginner? Start Here! [Free 10 Day Starter Course]

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Day 1 Lesson notes & help: ►►
DAY 2: ►►

How to tune your guitar: ►►

This 10 Day Starter Course is a ‘Youtube Friendly’ shorthand version of my Full Beginners Course! The Beginners Course is available for FREE here: ►►

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►Improver Course (barre chords etc)

► Fingerstyle Course
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Mirza Rahman says:

It was so helpful Sir…. I'm gonna learn hard…

XMaJxBoNeHeAdX says:

Can you please make a video to show me how to properly use my middle finger. My hand tends to look like I'm shooting a bird. I would love how to better use it. I have really big hands and plus I'm a new learner. Thank you for Your lessons.

Ishan Nepal says:

Better then other tutorials. Learn at least 2 cords

Partho Sharothi Roy says:

Honestly you are just ossam

DerpyWerpy says:

I think you got your graphs upsidedown

mikeypes says:

Yo this doesnt make sence

loth setosta says:

OK I doubt that.. If u practice hard you can do it

빕구르망J의 says:

Thank you for the korean's really helpful!

Bryan Germán says:

Estos si son tutoriales
Really helpful

scoremat says:

Thanks so much! I love your chilled out and patient style. Very much appreciated

DoSo says:

Is it ok to use a coin instead of one of those triangley white thingeys?

RWBY Maidens says:

my pinky feels very left out


What should I do if I am in intermediate level??

Richard Schmidt says:

My left handed brain is trying it's best. With my Fat short, right handed fingers. Arthritis not helping. But I have faith in you Andy,to help me through! Thanks!!

Yanzhe Gao says:

Where is the video

Natural memories says:

I'm trying to do it

Prakash R S says:

Thanks Andy..Nice video

nikodem brzezinski says:

RIP fingers?

GenXx 123 says:

Besides of the video i like you?

King Catubig says:

I just came back to say that after ten days my guitar skills have improved. Good job man .

Leopold says:

So what song is this?

paul herbing says:

how does one know how fast or slow to strum, ie Beats per minute?

Milton Addison says:

thank you sooo much. you are very helpful for my guitar lesson

Sam Buddy says:

Reading the comment section has evaporated my frustration. ? Day 2 and I'm seeing progress, feeling impatient but I do wish you guys were in my class.

Great teacher, good company.

sri SK says:

Thank you bro ❤

Alessia Ierfino says:

i love you dad

Yhang Palomo says:

Iwant to know how to play guitar

дойчер рэпер says:

Andy I think I love u

Titas Shil says:

Is this lesson suitable for indian people

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