Guitar lesson 4A : Beginner — ‘Happy Birthday’ on three strings

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In this lesson Andrew explains how to play ‘Happy Birthday’ on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings.

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Pigeon101 says:

Thank you so much I actually played it at my sister birthday

Link Sky says:

Thanks for your sharing. I played happy birthday song for myself yesterday night. It's easy to learn by self:)

Forever Izzy says:

Thank you so so so so so so so so much, you really did help me, I’m playing this song for my grandpa on his bday

Gunjan Singh says:

thank you so muchh!! it was very helpful.

Daniel Fitri says:

thx a lot bro

PZ M says:

Thank you you are really amazing..

Shivam Sharma says:

You made it so easy! Thanks a lot dude! Keep up the good work!

Arunee Sirikit says:

Thanks alot ! Awesome af ! It was so freakin easy to learn

Knight Falcore says:

thank you very much <3

Αλ Φω Ρόμπε says:

have you got a Nirvana song???

Αλ Φω Ρόμπε says:

a big Thank you!!!

Aj and tara vlog deocampo says:

plsss do a three little ducks plsss

Middlman Middlman says:

thanks it take me 2hirs but am good knwn

Liên Phạm Thùy says:

thank you <3

Aayush Karna says:

you look like messi dude ?

GiGi2O11 says:

Thanks! I'm NOWHERE near a kid but this lesson was perfect for me. The tablature for the extra visual is GOLD! I'll be playing this for myself next week!

kelly cruz says:

Oh my god thanks so much it was super easy to learn 🙂

Raymond Chew says:

I am learning to play this for my 3 year old grandson. Will play for his birthday every year. Thank you so much!

Nooshin khoshdooz masuleh says:

reallllllly thanks
very usefullllllllll
feeeeliiiingggg happpyyy

Denisse Aucapina says:

omg thanks u help me a looooooot

Dana Ahmed says:

hey… this video really helped me a lot.. but can I have a vid by the same song on one string? plz I would really appreciate it.. ik its too old but yea?❤ if u can.. thank uuuu❤

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