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In this free guitar lesson, you get to know the best way to learn guitar notes on the fretboard. You focus on guitar string notes along the 6th and 5th strings, then track the rest of the guitar neck notes using octave shapes. You learn how the natural guitar fretboard notes are laid out, and then fill in the spaces in between with sharp and flat notes. You see how fretboard notes create the most basic type of music intervals, whole steps and half steps. You discover when to call guitar notes sharp and when to call guitar notes flat.

Notes on the 5th string 2:30
Notes on the 6th string 9:39
Sharp and Flat notes 14:13
Octave notes 17:54

This video is Chapter 1 from the instructional guitar course, Fretboard Theory. View the rest at:

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zog noty says:

omg the nice long skinny finger,perfect for guitar and an happy gf

Patrick Camps says:

Whaaaaw great lesson i learnd a lot today Thanks and Iam a absolute beginner. Greetz from The netherlands. ???

Stan Reedy says:

its helping me

Andres Magana says:

I keep Reading on the comments below about this BOOK, is it really that good?

Clear and Coherent Explination

Iman Ahmadi says:

Your style of teaching is perfect but, Kindly,i'd like to suggest 2 things. 1- Your sites' videos are very weak for seeing and most of the time it goes off and on but it's perfect here. 2- You are very up-to-date guitarist and have perfect style for teaching but i wonder why you don't use any IT effects for teaching to show at the time of teaching .This is very advanced form for teaching and your students and followers can see your playing and some information on screen. So sorry for my critic.

pixelatedparcel says:

His short and accessible books very simply present many, many useful concepts to the aspiring guitarist, in plain language. They are loaded with simple, practical and real-world applications. Another true gem is his 21 episode podcast (available on Spotify) on music theory applied to the guitar.

Troy Frost says:

Desi " ? Hi I'm Troy How can I get a book of this pattern you are talking about. and maybe a DVD ? Troy Frost .?

original sin says:

I bought 2 of his books and highly recommend them. Well structure, simple to understand, systemic and provide songs to practice on what you have learn. thank you Desi.

asdfjkdjsalkfj says:

I am using your materials to teach my nephew. Thank you.

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