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The Original ‘No Subscription’ Guitar Course for Beginners

Experience the Satisfaction of Mastering the Guitar in the Comfort of Your Own Home

The Jamorama course covers all of the major impressive guitar techniques that will make you the life of the party
• Alternate Picking
• Bending
• Finger Picking
• Hammer-ons
• Legato
• Palm Muting
• Pull-offs
• Slide
• Strumming
• Vibrato
• Arpeggios

After using Jamorama you’ll be able to confidently:
• Tune your guitar
• Clean your guitar
• Change your strings
• Check your guitars intonation
• Protect your guitar from moisture and heat
• Buy a new guitar to suit your style of playing
• Discuss your guitar set up with your local music store
• Select new parts for your guitar to improve its sound

To learn more about guitar, simply visit:

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