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Note: I’ve decided to only do string review videos on coated string brands from now on. It’s just too much wasted time and energy promoting strings that don’t last and I have to keep changing within a week!

It’s time for another String Review video! In this video, I’ll show you the differences between coated and non-coated strings as well as 80/20 vs. Phosphor Bronze strings.

I’ve experimented with many strings over the years as seen in my Reviews & Gear Demos playlist here: and I can say without a doubt I’ve played and tested most every acoustic string known to man.

In this video you’ll get the rundown of how several strings I recently used look after various intervals (2 months, 1 month, & 1 week) of playing time. The evidence is in the video and now you can decide for yourself who is indeed the “Reigning Champ.”

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So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Here’s hoping you learn something new that will help you along your journey toward guitar greatness!







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Mitchell Gehrmann says:

elixir phos bronze all the way.

deafinseattle1 says:

I've bought things online and have received perfectly packaged name brand things that were obviously counterfeit knockoffs that were perfectly packaged.

Diego León Almeida says:

And the Elixir nanoweb vs Daddario EXP?

Bob Aldo says:

Coated strings are dead when you put them on, and dead when you finally take them off.

Gmail Dad says:

3and1 is a lite oil ez to wipe off

Gmail Dad says:

Save your strings boil them in water wipe dry use 3 and one wipe again reuse in a month wipe after playing

Skidrow 71 says:

Does all strings are coated? Or just only E A and D strings? Im confuse though pls help me

Watchman4u says:

Try Electa Coated Aco strings they only come in light. They look like a shinny penny but they are coated & sound great holding tune & I don't really use lite strings. I wish they would do a med gauge but you won't beat the price.

gear dave says:

what's the difference between electric guitar strings and acoustic strings, does electric guitars strings not work in an acoustic guitar? thanks

BANANA!!!!! says:


cluxseltoot says:

Thanks for this tip – appreciated.

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