Guitar Strings – Which Brand is Best?

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Music is Win says:

Note: this is not a tone test–it's a feel test. Bends, vibrato, slides, and other elements are primarily what I'm providing feedback on.

Big G says:

I love Elixir on my acoustics, because I can hear & feel the difference…but ultimately what is the difference in an electric? Because with an electric, I'm not really "hearing" the difference. If they're better, I'd love to know & know whether the cost differential is worth it or not in an electric…especially since it would be twice the price of my D'Addario lights I've been using. I'd LOVE as much input as I can get, please. Even if Mr Larsen could chime in. And I play Gospel, southern / country gospel, bluesy & soft jazz (no rock)

Andrew Teller says:

Ernie ball will always be my favorite because of the price and they sound fine. There are snobs that act like they rust and break easy under normal use. Hey, learn to tune and restring properly and don't play with greasy fingers- problems solved.

Alex Murphy says:

Use distortion and delay, my child

Backcountry Gaming says:

I just use Ernie Ball’s because that’s what slash said he likes the best ?

VT Riffs says:

its Paradigm for me..

thedog556 says:

Elixer nanos for acoustic, nyxl for electric. Everything else is trash

Will Farts says:

SIT(stay in tune) strings are the best ive ever played. I used to play ernie balls, but then i found the best STAY IN TUNE FOEVER.

TheVaporator says:

The elixirs just became my choice! thanks for the video

Jebz says:

4:32 Fight Fire with Fire anyone?

Shinigami says:

How can you compare different strings using 3 different guitars, pickups and everything??!

Tahmid Rahman says:

I changed to ernie ball super slinky on my ibanez rg350dx in august 2017.. still have the same set on that guitar.. i practice about 3 hours a day still not rusted .. i broke a 1st string a couple of times.. but it has a tremolo bridge so u kind of like can reuse that.. this is friggin unbelievable

Hibodjj says:

i use paradigms because i want my balls to get stronger XD

מוטי פרינטה says:

demonstration on different guitar make different tone

Mr Idle Hands says:

Sorry always been an ernie ball man

Za-Rappa Reincarnated says:

I'd like to know what strings work on electric guitars, cuz mine were worn and literally the end of there ties. I wanted to use my Mother's old acoustic strings, but I'm told that they might not work. What kinds of strings work? Brass? Plastic? Steel? I'd like to Know Before I Try Finding Some

leonardo gimenez says:

ernie ball always

John A says:

I just bought Elixir Optiweb strings. I know they will do me well. When I use non-coated strings I spray silicon spray on a rag and wipe the strings. Cheap at Menards or Home Depot. I also wipe on gun oil with teflon in the mixture. My strings on me Telecaster are one year old and sound great!


I love Ernie ball

Stone Muzza says:

I love the birds on the fret boards

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