Guitar Tricks Everyone Should Know

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Sweetwater Sales Engineer Brian Lemert shows you a ton of techniques every guitarist should be familiar with, from two-handed tapping and pull-off harmonics to whammy bar techniques dotted-8th delay tricks. Enjoy!

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Scott Henderson says:

What pedal and guitar model?

Gitaa A says:

Did Eddie Van Halen watch this video to learn tricks? Sounds like it ?

freezingcathedral says:

you forgot the trick "how to get paid as a guitarist".

Rian Snuff says:

Okay so, Brian's cool. Been playing for twenty years but never seen some of this shit. Always too busy moshing with my eyes wide shut.

edwin pringle says:

Sweetwater rules!?

S Paul Guitars says:

That was awesome!

shaft9000 says:

lulz it's just like my ex-brother-in-law is show-and-telling me how to play 'cool guitar'

Jerry McKenzie says:

For everyone who was not around in the 80's.

Johnny Guitar says:

Cool video, sweet Charvel!

Rictus says:

About time they got you on video.

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