Guitar Tutorial – Playing “Trolls – A Love Song”

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The original:

Here are some basic notes on how to play Trolls:

I played with a Capo on the 3rd fret. I’m a cheater :)‬

Basic Riff / Verse‬
C/Cadd9 Am7 G/B (G chord without the bass E string) Cadd9 Fmaj7‬

And the chorus:‬

Dm C Fmaj7 G/B Cadd9 Fmaj7‬
Dm Am7 G/B Cadd9 Em Fmaj7‬

And finally, the bridge:‬
Am7 G/B Cadd9 Fmaj7‬
Am7 G/B Cadd9 Fmaj7‬

You can find all of these chords at I am using the root voice of them all. The only difference you’ll find is when I play Fmaj7, I use my thumb on the 1st fret of the low E string rather than not playing that note at all.‬

Hope that helps get you started 🙂 I use my thumb to pluck the bass of the chord, then use my index/middle finger to play the top 2/3 notes of the chord and then mute the strings with my palm, which gives that percussive sound.

Also, the chords for Hey Ya are pretty straight forward. They are simply:
C, Fmaj7, G, Am7



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