Hidden Secrets of Guitar Center

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Hidden Secrets of Guitar Center and why some shops will try to sell you the wrong guitar.

The Dirty little secrets of the big box guitar shops reviled, and why small shops with great service will always rock!


Casino Guitars says:

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Jackie T says:

My GC store is very good! My guys there know what they are talking about and understand that I do as well!! My go to guys will not sell me junk no matter what the price! They have never steered me wrong!

TELE6220 says:


Joseph petersen says:

Outlining how retail works does not equate to "selling you the wrong guitar". Salesmen work on commission. If they didn't guitar centers prices would go up, thus so would other stores. Is it right? Not really but the people who run the show aren't going to take the hit in their paycheck. With online shopping you can kinda eliminate shitty sales people. But you can't play EVERYTHING. Best way to find the right guitar is to devote a day to going on and trying as much as you can, then picking the best within your budget.

Jerry Walton Walton says:

You guys are rip offs i bought a 1000 dollar PRS .tried to trade up the Next day for a Gibson.they only wanted to credit me 300.same store .your all a bunch of rip offs.

Jerry Walton Walton says:

You guys are nuts.nice try

Johnny Dogg says:

Some mom and pops can really sink their claws into the newbie guitarist. Theres a shop here that sells strings at $10 and its cheapo ernie ball slinky. Soooooo you get the idea right? It just depends who it is…they even charge to tune a guitar lol

Yet a little down the street
..they sell the same strings at normal price lol

Colm Regan says:

as a guitar store i think it's kinda unprofessional you are bashing a competitor, imagine the cards were turned.,

Wm.P. Callahan says:

Thanks guys enjoyed video learned a little too.

Eric Waters says:

I worked in operations for Guitar center and it was absolutely soul crushing. The management sucked all the joy out of working in a music store. I have had a lot of bad experiences with the Gibson's built over the last several years so every time a customer asked me what I preferred I would pick up a PRS.

101AOK says:

I worked Pro Audio GC La Mesa CA. Place is not the same. I was there when they first moved to the current location and left years ago. I had them do something for me on my fretless this past summer..pitiful work. They didn't even have ONE FRETLESS there in the whole shop! They used to have a few really great guys in Pro and Guitars. I asked them to look up a few of the big managers for SO CAL and they didn't know and or couldn't find them in the records. Still using the same computer software pretty much.

rolando e. limon says:

Guitar Center has been good to me, just got to be savy

Gar Goil says:

It took me 53 years to realize that I should have been playing a Gretsch hollow body (e.g. G6120T-59) all along. Nobody at any guitar store ever told me that. I had to figure it out on my own by trial and error. Now I feel like Marlon Brando's character, Malloy in On the Waterfront . "I coulda been somebody. I coulda been a contender." Well, probably not, but one can imagine.

Charlie T. Sanford says:

Last time I went to Guitar Center, the employee argued with me over the strings I wanted. She claimed that playing 11’s on a Strat will ruin the neck. After the 7th or 8th time she asked, “Are you sure you want those?” I said, “You’re right. I DON’T want those strings. I want the ones down the road at Mars Music.” Haven’t walked into a GC since.

However, I will buy from their online used gear section. Some great deals pop up on there.

Brandoch Garage says:

Whenever I need a good laugh I watch Jimmy Bruno talk about the time he went into a guitar store: https://youtu.be/W_U1_zbidrY?t=400 – makes me laugh every time I hear it. About 6:387:30 hahaha

Charles Garcia says:

First rule in Retail. Never badmouth your competition.

scott giering says:

Too much cutie cutie ,too much to talk get over the main message, stroking your own dick

StratMatt777 says:

I'm 7:30 into it and the only data presented thus far is that Guitar Center salesmen are encouraged to sell Mitchell Guitars because they own the brand.
Service plans at 8:00

ValueOfNothing says:

Mitchell's electric guitars are real cheap and not too bad.

I like guitar center because they have lots of stuff for very cheap. But, yes, the negatives are as you say.

Iamadroid says:

I would have never guessed that the guitar center people are commission based. Why can i go in there with a pocket full of money and no offers me help?

Brad Dietz says:

There is some prudent, sane conversation here. Much-needed.

Brad Dietz says:

I’ve found small shops (or rather employees of them) are often, frequently, or just as likely to be indifferent to me as a customer as would be possible in any large store. To the extent that people matter in a shopping experience, it’s been my experience that the small stores fail at that as much as large store can. I’m not defending Guitar Center. I’m saying the small stores often have serious, employee deficits AND you get a lack of selection relative to bigger stores as a fun, extra bonus!

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