History of Metal in One Song

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Gerardo Guidarelli says:

The earlier part of the video that you just have labelled as Heavy Metal… I would've labelled it British New Wave of Heavy Metal.. but really its all subjective – and pretty trivial to make argue over preferred nomenclature. Theres so many bands which I would consider metal- yet I wouldn't really know what type of metal…

DirtyQwerty Official says:

is there anyone out there who can show me how to play the style at 1:05? im a Beginner and i would love to learn it

ShAdOw CrEaM says:

you forgot folk metal

TheTypherious says:

U missed a bunch of subgenres, and the order is so wrong its upsetting. If ur gonna do this kind of thing, at least get the timeline correct

Жалобы Diamond RP says:


XxXgabbO95XxX says:

Does this work with any 2 pedal switch ?

Hamish Campbell-Colquhoun says:

Interesting idea, however it lacked any heaviness and was as if you just put some midi through a default plugin

girav gentleman says:

Getting some knights of cydonia vibes

Vic Rattlehead says:

No scrap metal?

Muted Metal says:

Metal got gayer each year

Phil Booth says:

History of metalRIFFS in one song!

Clay Page says:

Why not the real songs?

lil Depression says:

Does the symphonic metal song have a name?

Magda Chlebicka says:

Thrash is always the best!!!

Shubham Vishwakarma says:

Is there any whtsapp group for metal fans

Diego2112Gaming says:


Did not djent.

Dr. Awkward says:

Damn, Ferrari makes guitars now?

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