History One Direction Guitar Tutorial Lesson Acoustic – Easy

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History – One Direction Acoustic Guitar Tutorial Lesson
***Link To Chords/Lyrics Below***

FULL LESSON + CHORDS – http://bit.ly/1PvvWnr

Tuner (ESSENTIAL) – Korg Pitchclip: http://geni.us/KorgTuner
Capo (ESSENTIAL) – Jim Dunlop: http://geni.us/JimDunlopCapo

Acoustic Guitar – Cole Clark: http://geni.us/ColeClark
Electric Guitar – Gibson: http://geni.us/Gibson
Strings – Elixer: http://geni.us/ElixerStrings
Picks – Dunlop Jazz III: http://geni.us/GuitarPicks
Straps – Ernie Ball: http://geni.us/guitarstrap
Effects – Line6 POD HD400: http://geni.us/Line6POD

Camera – Canon 60D: http://geni.us/Canon60DCamera
Audio – Audio technical AT2035: http://geni.us/AudioMicrophone

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This video is a basic step-be-step lesson tutorial on how to play One Direction’s single “History” on acoustic guitar. This song great and is simple for beginners.

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