How (and why) to Learn the Notes on Guitar

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Learn a simple way to memorize where different notes are on the guitar. Get the octaves in check and stop feeling ashamed of yourself!

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Tyrone Wilson says:

Wow ive known that trick in songs for so long but i never connected the dots. Its been hiding under my nose all this time (pun intended ?)

Ankit Singh says:

This was so helpful

Id Free says:

Great,,. You're very talent guitarist, I appreciate of you sir…

Ruemann says:

Thank you, excellent tips. V helpful

Paul Potter says:

Doesn't help in playing lead….

Mroklum12 says:

Thanks for an awesome lesson, though I've been struggling to remember which notes doesn't have a #, but I came up with a little solution. Just remember the question "Could there BE any more sharp notes?", if you've ever watched "Friends" and remember Chandler Bing, you will never ever forget which notes doesn't have a # 😀

Legendary Music says:

Pretty handy to know your notes if you're like me and have stubby fingers, and struggle with some finger positions when it comes to lead. You can usually find alternative finger positions that are more comfortable. But also, I guess when you're going from one tuning to another, transposing. But that's probably for intermediate to advanced level stuff. I've been playing for 16 years so far–second nature whether I'm playing in standard, Drop C, Drop A# etc.

Electronic music says:

Nice video! Nice tips.

monkey says:

Thanks for this one… very helpful

Aaron Chrusniak says:

you could charge for this

danizinha2mile6 says:

I didnt understand when to use this when playing songs.

Lakshmi Ramesh says:

you're a BOSS!!!

morrel ebissa says:

Can you make a video on do remi fan si la do for some of us as beginners?

Walker says:

sean iwant you to have my children

Marty Schwartz Here says:

Elvis the alien.

Leonides Castro says:

Wow! Nice I love the amazing info bro,??✌??

MauiGreenDragonism says:

FYI your gator is trying to eat your low E string

Soham Pathak says:

Sean you make guitar learning so easy. I'm 26 and I picked the guitar up like 3 months back. Not saying I'm the best but the way you teach makes me already sound like a funky guitar player and I'm already jamming with bands. Wohoo!

Eric Litho says:

i still cant memorise all the notes i only know 5th 6th 1st string notes due to chords 🙁

Catalin Amariei says:

Is this trick is named also the "L" shape? …anyway is a good lesson and thank you it really helped me a lot..

Maxim Glietz says:

YOOO this was so helpfull!

Pratik Khobragade says:

I'm really glad that i found your channel! Keep doing the amazing work ????

Marcos Shepherd says:

Ive always wanted to memorize the fretboard but had no idea where to start

Marcos Shepherd says:

Really helpful!

Genesis Guzman says:

This was very helpful thank you !

Ravi Teja says:

Awesome! Helped me a lot thank you so much.

richwiz2 says:

Thank-you Sean, I feel less guilt already. Now, if I ever could explain what a key is, I’d feel even better.

Marco Cuenca says:

Sean, you should have a Patrion site, I mean you are a real serious instructor and a very nice person for imparting seriously useful knowledge to us, the interested guitar learning public. This is good instruction and useful for actually picking up your instrument and playing with more confidence. Keep up the great work! ~ Marco

Jim Ferguson says:

Always brilliant Sean. Started playing thirty years ago at the age of forty. Back in the day it was books, tapes and private lessons with no additional take home resources. So easy to forget what you were just taught. So much time and money wasted with very little progress. Now we have great internet sites like yours that fill so many gaps. I will never be a gifted guitarist but just get so much satisfaction from singing a few songs and picking out melodies, plus learning something new everyday. I would guess that so many people who love this instrument are just like me. Please keep the "good stuff" coming and ignore any negative comments from folks that have no concept of your offbeat approach and sense of humour. Always maintain that entertaining approach to your lessons, as, I for one really enjoy them.

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