How I practice Guitar Scales!

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I think we all have our own weird way of processing guitar. I guess I never really shared mine until now. It’s really challenging me to ask myself WHY…WHY do we do things a certain way? Why do all guitarist learn the same things?? Why does John Mayer make that one face whenever he’s in Eb??? Why did Jimi Hendrix set that damn guitar on fire? LOL …Hmmmm…I think the answer is….BECAUSE IT WORKED FOR THEM. So NOW…I am finding things that work for me…And you’re in for a treat, because Im going to start sharing more of that stuff with you all! I guess this is my way of giving back to the same community that taught and lifted ME as I was learning guitar. I just wanted to say thank you. The lesson for this video is on the way!!!! Take what you like, and spit out what you don’t 🙂

If you want to really expand your knowledge and passion for music, I hear this girl named JUNO does THE BEST skype guitar lessons in the best in the world 🙂


Love you. you’re not alone.

k bye


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What an inspiration 🙂 good job love your teaching.

kevkailiu says:

GOAT!!! Been watching your vids for a few years now I think.

Slynell1 says:

Nashville ten-a-key

willie peppers says:

This makes me realize how much I truly suck

The Ethnicist says:

Yessss!! Keep it up, young Queen guitar Goddess ?????

Claude Howard says:

Thank you for the lesson, I'd like to know how do you tune the 6 string if you don't have a tuner?

Byron Page says:

YOU IS COLD BLOOODEED! ?? you know what I'm trying to say ☺?

Jonah Ben Israel says:

Hey!.. I was vibing to that, you can’t just be stopping like that.

Love your music

Christopher Schwartz says:

Hey Juno!!! Great lead improvisation!! Question – so the relative major key you’re in is C#/Db major right? And are you mainly working the pentatonic scale here?

Jay Relic says:

Your energy is everything ??????

LaMarr Holston says:

I cant seem to get this vid to play, no problem with the others please help.

Alonzo White says:

WOW!!!! THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! Now do we script this exercise and practice it exactly the same each time or do we adlib each time?? Also, what do you use to create the backtrack you were using? Thanks, Luv Ya!!!!!!

Daniel Arias says:

When you say ready….Hell yeah I'm ready. Bread is done. Sigh

Britmysta says:

Hahaha, yes! Way to groove out that pentatonic! I'm in the process of really sitting with the P scale and learning the 5 positions. I've got p1 and p2 down, so been working on making those too really fluid before incorporating p3, 4 and 5. Its exciting because really, just learning the second position has opened up my playing significantly.

Tom Prince says:

My Little Rock chick

essie says:

Truly how do you do this?

Nina Sengson says:

How do you conceptualize your guitar solos?

Vernon Osborne says:

Im in love, great stuff

cappistol stevenson says:

Can you talk about the gear you use.

Angel Hawkins 2 says:

how come my scales never sounded that good !lol dopeness

Musicman The FAM says:

Nice scale practice! Isn't jam tracks amazing? ?

Albert Ortiz says:

She's BADDD.

mastertung7 says:

Thanks ash, this was very helpful.

Kyle Christian says:

Sweet Tone great note choices

Bassline Phunk says:

Go 'head baby girl! Nice fluid playing. Are you giggin'? People have to hear and see you live. Serious, your musical vibe is COOL.

Troy sttroy Rahming says:

Good stuff baby girl
I like

Ricky Martelle Bailey says:

Hi and kisses to you, my Juno joy, and thank you for the awesome videos and I love your guitar music. xox <3 :))

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