how to change your guitar strings

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don’t hate on my paper towels!

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Samuel Mayston says:

Why don't my strings push through the holes?

Jugo 69 says:

Thank you Jared for making this video, now I finally know how to change the strings on my tuba

Ye Olde Polski says:

Instructions to unclear. Got dick stuck in air vent

Lunatic says:


Rene Lopez says:

What brand of locking tuners are those? I just got a guitar like this and can’t find any

Shadow says:

Hey Jared, you're not the only one who uses paper towels…

Troy Records Jr. says:

Okay Jared, 2:20 , to close to home. Right in the feels.

Devon Boes says:

Called me out with the hundreds of pentatonic scales over and over again and Dance the night away instead of smoke on the water lol

Snipez says:

Your kitchen look's just like just Dustin's kitchen

Destroy69 says:

Take a shot everytime he says "like so"

OJBABY says:

I need locking tuners this is just fucking easy.

Toxzii says:

I can't take this serious ?

30 xanaxs says:

couldnt tell if this was just a comedy video or a tutorial

David Jansson says:

You could have cleaned the guitar before putting on new strings

Kory Eskridge says:

$8 ?!?!?!? I got one for $3

Niklas Freericks says:

4:20 ew, fret buzz

HallowedSword 93 says:

I already know how to change strings, I just watched this for the comedy.

Gli occhiali says:

Actually if you always use the same gauge, it's better if you take out the strings one by one and not all in one.

idontcare74 says:

I hate those paper towels

Death Eater says:

love your vids

giv lina says:

please some one help me
i finally buyed a 2nd hand electric guitar but its switch is damaged i need to replace it
so where can i buy a switch

Brian Liddell says:

I coil up my old strings the same way lol

Voomble says:

Why do you sound like hiccup from how to train your dragon?

Michael Inglis says:

Am i the only one who reluctantly clicked on this in fear of a YouTube beginner guitar lesson video recommendation barrage?

Damnit Dines! I thought this was going to be a joke not an actual instructional, now I'll be weeding through beginner videos for a month.

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