How to Play Crazy Train Tabs A Major Scale Guitar

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GUITAR TAB Get free tab for this song excerpt when you sign up for a preview of the book Fretboard Theory at: SONGS This song demonstrates some of the licks, phrases and styles that can be played with major scale patterns for guitar. This footage is ONLY available online. GUITAR THEORY To learn more about major scale patterns and music theory for guitar, see the book Fretboard Theory by Desi Serna. Lessons include: • Five major scale patterns for guitar • Minor guitar scale and modes • C major scale, G major scale, and other keys • How to practice major scales • Major scale songs and guitar theory • Playing over chords and progressions • Acoustic and electric guitar Go directly to to sign up for a FREE preview. Play Until Yer Fingers Bleed! Mr. Desi Serna (Google me!) Scales, Chords, Progressions, and More

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