How To Play Electric Guitar For Total Beginners

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Mello 24 says:

He looks like rhett from ggm

Daniel The Weirdo says:

I bought an electiric guitar today ?

Kaushik Mazumder says:

I have been playing acoustic for 8 years now because my parents couldn't afford an electric. And now finally my family decided to give me an electric guitar. Which one should I buy? Your help will be really appreciated?

Captain Hyrule says:

Who else got it for Christmas last week?

Eurocat Games says:

Why would you say that electric guitar is easier for beginners?

Thomas Dunleavy says:

Is there going to be any more Andy piano?

memes Today says:

I'm buying one on my birthday… any suggestions???

memes Today says:

do you put more pressure on the strings when muting???

Sandesh Aale says:

Can you make a electric guitar tutorial for beginners in the song of zombies by bad wolves

Ulster Cichlids says:

I've been offered a 99 squire start affinity for £60. Any good???

Derby cat says:

Wow 10 years.uou started YouTube longer then I have been Alive

Falke Scheibe says:

Dear Andy. I like your video’s. And admire your courage to make this episode. At the other hand it makes me a bit sad )-: for two reasons. first why didn’t you take a proper lefty? Secondly If I compair your proggres with Mine I become jalous. Never mind cheerup! I Will learn a lot from your Video’s. Cheers P.S. I Will not restring my lefty to a Righthanded one Greetings

************ says:

Can you make how to play overdose from ac dc

Harrison Ollier Hobbies says:

ha ha! i've never ever seen u as a beginner. it sounds a bit funny!

Lord Diego Rodríguez Larenza says:

So weird to see you playing and sounding as a beginner 🙂
I've completed almost all your courses, so it feels strange to hear you miss some notes.
It's a great challenge you're doing with the left-hand thing. Congratulations!

diadora9292 says:

Fantastic your channel

Thomas van den Bosch says:

I love to see the progression that i've made thought the year. Mostly thanks to Andy. Good quality and no (completely) pay2learn channel.

Joe says:

To all the people who got a guitar yesterday for christmas, enjoy it. It will be hard and frustrating but it will be worth it in the long run. I got my 3rd electric for christmas and playing guitar is just incredible. Also you'll probably get a much better looking wife or husband than if you didn't play guitar ?

Puzzle inc. Media says:

Just got a new Electric guitar for Christmas lol
You reached me everything I know, keep on uploading!

RonoMorph says:

Perfect! My electric guitar is coming tomorrow! I hope this video is gonna help me!

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