How to REALLY Play Bar Chords – A Beginner Guitar Tutorial

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How to play a bar or barre chord on the guitar! In this beginner lesson, Philadelphia guitar instructor Rob Swift demonstrates how barre chords are developed from our common open chords. The proper technique is broken down into simple steps, as you also learn to quickly identify bar chords across the fret board. Let’s get started!
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ツAllanzo says:

I have been playing for 3 years but my fingers are so soft its hard to bar chord and if I do bar chords it get muted

AstrooDocc says:

Thank you so much for showing me the thumb position. I was struggling so much and now it seems so much easier.

bjdatswutsup says:

My hands are to smallllll!!!!:(

Side Effects says:

The thumb tip is great I've never known! I just play 3 note chords usually unless I need that extra ring.

Side Effects says:

Good video even for people who have been playing for 15 years. It's good to have a review to just make sure you didn't miss anything. I've been playing and writing for so long but I know that I haven't taken a lesson since I was 15 years old so my methods are probably still beginner methods. And when I write songs, I spend a bit of time with trial-and-error seeing what just sounds good. When I probably could benefit from having some knowledge

Side Effects says:

What is this accent haha

ennykus says:

I used to cry from learning barre chord… I'm still crying now…

BadUsername says:

Why do my barre chords all sound muted? I can't seem to play it clearly.

David Henson says:

Sir, this is the best video I have seen on barre chords. Thanks so much!

kickinest says:


Darren Freeman says:

Why do I have fat fingers? Oh and they're short too.

Eastern Cowboy says:

Another point for beginners is to have a great setup on ur guitar to play these Bar cords more comfortable.

Okapia Johnstoni says:

It's all about the thumb

Kong Mao168 says:

You are a awesome guitarist and nice explain to easy to apprehansive understand…God bless you, Happy christmas?✨????

Premium Gold says:

well explained. thank you man… new subs here.

Aakanksha Yadav says:

And this, my friends, is exactly why I love my capo. Lol. ? But this was really helpful. I've been trying to learn barre chords. Thank you Rob.❤

Stephen Smith says:

So . helpful. Thanks.

David Gearardo says:

Capo correction

David Gearardo says:

Using a cap as practice is the most practical damb advice I have ever ever heard good on ya mate.

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