Imagine – The Story of the Guitar Part 2 – Out of the Frying Pan

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for Part III youtube search watch?v=uBSDWMf4BQ0

think this should be online… you can’t buy it, you can’t watch it on the iplayer… bbc is meant to be a public service, if so why can’t we watch programs again which we’ve already paid for?

if the bbc remove it i want my license fee back…

anyway… enjoy it while it’s here


Timothy Lee says:

Who cares about Les Paul , tell more about lap steel/Hawaiian guitar. There were MANY lap steel models in the thirties and this jumps to the old white guy. Tell your own "history' and stop Fing with ours.

Fuzzy Bunny says:

Tsk tsk tsk….no mention of Stevie Ray Vaughn or Doc Watson or John Fahey. For shame. Oh well, pretty good for a limey production 😀

Fuzzy Bunny says:

Les Paul seemed like a pretty funny guy.

Fuzzy Bunny says:

I never cared much for BB's music. I like the more raw blues better than his relatively sophisticated play. But I always liked BB the man, he always seemed like a really nice man.

Sal Casabianca says:

love the guitar

george balmer says:

BB like so many of these Southern States players had an authentic humility not seen so much 'over here'

Jake Smalldon says:

at 18:38 you can clearly see a more modern electric guitar leaning against the amplifier. Looks like a Gibson model.

Stephen Vickers says:

Les and BB are now gone…

tidepoolbay says:

Nice! Again!

em diar says:

Thanks for uploading this. I agree that we should be able to watch it forever for free, having paid the licence fee.
And while we're on the subject, didn't I already pay for a hair cut back in 1987.
In fact, now you mention it, I helped buy the taxi I take regularly, and should therefor be entitled to free taxi service for life… and every other business I have helped sustain with my custom… they all owe me free stuff forever.

theedrstrangelove says:

Bob Gruhn comes off as a douche. A guitar made from plaster with decent pick-ups would sound good as long as the geometry is correct. Gibson and Fender are average guitars that are priced way too high. If Jimi Hendrix played a Honer, that would be what everyone would want.

TerryTufts says:

I'm told Gibson ripped off this guy:

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