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Guitar Tricks is considered by many guitarists as the best way to learn guitar online. With a lot of competition from resources like Yousician and Justinguitar I decided I had to go investigate GuitarTricks myself. At the price of $20/month, is the cost of Guitar Tricks justified, or is it a ripoff?

In this video I talk about my experience with Guitar Tricks, and whether it’s good for beginner guitarists to progress. We also look at if GuitarTricks is a good tool for more advanced guitar players.

I also talk about the free Guitar Tricks videos available on youtube and if those are enough without purchasing a subscription. With over 11,000 videos available with a guitar tricks subscription it is a notable resource for guitar players of all skill levels to explore.

Oh, I also talk about the 60 day money back guarantee provided by GuitarTricks, and how you can use it to your advantage. Also also, I compare guitar tricks vs. justin guitar, to see if the price is worth paying.

Unfortunately, I haven’t compared guitar tricks to jamplay, which is considered one of its top competitors, but I will look at jamplay in a future video.

Guitar Tricks youtube:

Guitar Tricks website:


Thanks for watching 🙂


JohnnyMartini says:

Aye what’s your name so I don’t have to call you redlight blue

Portedbike Studio says:

I got a gutair tricks ad before this video

mburni1 says:

I checked out Yousician and your review was spot on so this sounds very encouraging. Appreciate you sharing this dude!

Jack Riner says:

You should check out – has a youtube channel as well
Brian is probably the best instructor, aside from Justin, that I've run across online. Brett Papa and Marty Schwartz are both excellent teachers as well with great content.

gotohellaaron says:

I'm not an expert on grammar either but shouldn't it be "Are guitar tricks worth it?" ? I also wanted to ask what bands do you listen to?

Jason Brown says:

3 fender play employees watched this video.

Jason Brown says:

People have been asking me if I think Redlight Blue is worth it… ya know, $0/month is a tall order, but I have to admit, it's totally worth it!

Tommy Morris says:

Loving the osrs runescape music :L

butch bauzon says:

Im gonna try this guitar tricks and hopefully learn a lot from them

Left Behind says:

Guitar Tricks is very good for learning songs,sometimes with easier versions which is always useful,they usually let you play along at a slow pace to build your confidence & increase speed as you go,its a great help & gets you there quicker.i think you can pay annually & it works out cheaper,the teachers are enthusiastic & keeping you motivated,I've been a member for years & they load new songs fairly frequently.

stripcslashes says:

Good review. Thumbs up my brother!

Craig Jones says:

I'm definitely going down the wrong route to learning guitar, my practicing isn't very structured at all, and I have no music theory behind anything I'm doing, k don't know one note from the next. I started using JustinTV a few weeks ago and just game up for some reason. I'm in that phase where I just want to play stuff I know and like, rather than older songs or styles that don't interest me. I like that there is a way to choose your own direction in how you learn on GuitarTricks, so I may give it a try. (I love Justin too, and Andy Guitar, and Marco Cirillo, and Paul Davids)

Side note (get it): What's your name? You look like a Corey.

Alex says:

Bro I love your videos!

Lupe Arellano says:

What state r u from

videogames says:

Thanks, looks like I found an alternative to Yousician. Was going to go with them but they removed the ability to upload our own songs 🙁

visweswara rao kalla says:

I love your videos 😛

Therealdeal 10 says:

Im lear ing how to swith between chords and i have to look over softa bend my neck to see where i place my fingers… would this be bad?

Lightning Rain says:

Yo its me again, so I moved and havent been able to practice the last week and a half. I used guitar tricks for a little bit and I have to say I'm sticking to it. If you can afford to pay the money, guitar tricks is definetly worth it. I also use the Yousician mobile app to practice my chords and melodies, which I also find helpful.

Amatuer Enthusiast says:

Redlight Blue, I NEED to see a video of you playing guitar, I watch all your videos and take your advice but I don't know your skill level, are you just talking shit? I need to know!! Upload a video playing some songs… please!! PS. Not just snippets.

An Empty Cup says:

I thought my shuffle started playing around the end. I’m glad you’re enjoying Gerard’s new single too!

Katie Writes Codes says:

Honestly, I don't really use any program to learn guitar, I just look up chords and YouTube videos online and go with it. I was also expecting you to bash this course for costing so much, but now that I've watched the video, I might consider it..

How many guitarists does it take to change a light bulb?
At least 2000- one to change the bulb and 1999 to insist how much better they could've done it!

SatireDaily says:

I enjoy your videos, thanks for creating!

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