Jimi Hendrix On An Acoustic Guitar(Only known 2 videos RARE)

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I’d been searching for this because I wanted to see a video of Jimi Hendrix playing the acoustic guitar.

After a lot of digging, I found only 2 known videos of Jimi playing them online. Apologies for the stopping image in the first half that features ‘Hear My Train Comin’ & the poor quality of the second half of the video that features ‘Hound Dog’ that was all I could find. This one’s an essential rarity.

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Joshua Smith says:

He is talking about Seattle ? I wish he would of lived longer! Imagine what we will never get to hear.

足目3.5.8トライポカホン says:


Ratboy2004 says:

I've seen this entire movie many years ago in Toronto at the Broadview Theatre…then Song Remains the Same came on!
What a party…1976 was a great time to be 16.

Woey Jells says:

Not another soul could pull that fit off , not one

Chrys Anthemum says:

Jimi is not dead. God just wanted guitar lessons. ?

Oscar Oses says:

Exelente su destreza cuando se trata de guitarra acustica .vivio poco gran legado influenciastes a muchos .fuiste un genio con tu guitarra electrica y tus nuevos acordes.

kaito fujii drum shamisen says:


Bryant Higgs says:

Thought this was another genius video once it started

Sargeant Noodle says:

What tuning is this? I really want to learn this

Bishop Boyd says:

hendrix management blew it not having an acoustic set live and or the studio re cording him.take the rock star pressure off him instead of constant touring and raking in the cash!!!

Eddy Babe says:

It's truly heartbreaking he died so young. Dreams buddy.

Victoria Williams says:


Suck my Deek says:

What a fantastic man

Nancy Allen says:

What year was this? Anybody know?? He looks pretty good. Maybe shortly before the dragon took him?? Anyway, thanks for this. It was a treat to see him relaxed and smiling,talking. He was never one to say much.

Doug Strong says:

I guarantee you won't see this on "Americans got talent"

Michael Sweeney says:

This depiction of hear my train is from the movie not rare braugh

Michael Sweeney says:

Two versions one more time …. Got it

Michael Sweeney says:

Hear my train acomin sound track recordings the movie

Daniel Harris says:

What's the song he is singing?

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