Jimmy Page – A History of His Guitars – Part One (early years up to Yardbirds) Led Zeppelin

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Part one looks at Jimmy’s guitars until the end of his time with the Yardbirds before Led Zeppelin – Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share! Thanks!
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Ellen Falls says:

Love these. Your piece on Stevie Ray Vaughan was extremely accurate. Thanks!

onemorebrando says:

Great videos! I believe the keefburst had the bigsby fitted at selmer's in london by its original owner John bowen.

tmitz73 says:

Thank you!!! Awesome Video man!! Jimmy's LP Custom was never found?? Damn.

Felix Burke says:

Page went to the Les Paul at the suggestion of Joe Walsh.

jebusgod says:

reflective circles aka mirrors!!!!!!!!!

Philip Howard says:

The bass place by Jimmy page and the Yardbirds was an Epiphone Ravoli Base it was originally used by Paul Samuel Smith and Yardbirds and when he quit they let Jimmy page play it of all the guitar is almost identical to the Gibson EB -2 Because they were also made in the same factory in Kalamazoo Michigan they would make the Gibson end Epiphone Guitars side by side and if you look at videos of other British bands the searchers the Nashville Twins the animals all of these bands use the Epiphone Bass so must’ve been really popular with lotta English bands

Anonymous Bosch says:

Greatest guitar player we will ever hear ! End of ….

huskvarsm says:

Not heart of stone “ heart full of soul”

guesser7 says:

I never rated Page, I always though of him as the master of bum notes. Much session work claimed to have been done by Page was myth, specially the stuff by The Kinks, The Who and the StonesI always believed the top guitarist of the 60s was Rick Westwood of The Tremolos

Will Hansen says:

In between the Resonet and the '60 LP Custom, Jimmy had a Gretsch Chet Atkins, while he was with Neil Christian and the Crusaders. He traded in the Gretsch on the Les Paul Custom, which cost 185 pounds.

Charlie Aguilos says:

Y''sound like Jason Bonham speaking…

Anthony Rosa says:

I belive that the UK banned the importation of non UK instruments for a period in an effort to boost UK manufacturing after the war since everything seemed to be USA made back then. The only American guitars that came in was from people who traveled to the US and brought one back. This was how Jeff Beck got his first Fender. This was also the reason why Marshall amps came into buisness. The scarcity of Fender and the demand drove the creation of Marshalls, they were an attempt to copy Fender. This is what I remember from an interview with Jeff Beck. You can doublecheck since the interview was on YouTube.

dlees says:

my new favorite series on youtube! great research bro i agree

Mark DeSod says:

I too, read somewhere that Page used the Fender 12 to record rhythm trax for Becks Bolero……..

xblackcatx13 says:

He sounded best on a Telecaster.

Brandon Murphy says:

Biggest song thief in history .

Calvert says:

whole lotta love was recorded on his 58 tele

Thomas Middleton says:

Johnny winter played the Fender twelve string at woodstock, but he only played it with 6 strings.

John W says:

Very nice and comprehensive look at his guitars from the early years.  Well done!

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