Joe Satriani "Always With Me, Always With You" At: Guitar Center

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The Artist Relations Room at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA was set ablaze when Joe Satriani visited and cranked out a few songs. Fingers cooled, he sat down with Nic Harcourt for an incredibly intimate interview.
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Arch Angel says:

Even if he plays wrong not that he did but it will always sound better than the last time. ?but in thus case i like the original better. ?

consciousnick - says:

In my contry we haves Joe Satriani statue at many streets and places. Many temples for worship Joe and on spring equinox sacrifice disco fans to Joe. Sorry my english I only come to this planet one year ago for stalking Joe.

LikeMikeSIKE says:

He wrote it but says "the process of learning it"

amanda Jpurnomo says:


DigitalUnderground7 says:

The Best guitarist of all time. Simple as that.

ismael do Prado says:

Satriane é foda..parabens

Greg Diprinzio says:

And that's how to have great guitar playing serve the song. And that's how to compose music.

Joseph Womer says:

The song sounds better in this key than the original one

ian cruz says:

I wish that kind guitar ibanez with signature of joe satriani

Max Pinto says:

Damn. Call him Mr. Clean. Um….wait

Ivan Kumis says:

2019 still joe satriani#TheBest4ever ???????

Jesse Tate says:

American dad brought me here

armando cardenas says:

Those musicians from Long Island ….. there must be something in the water …..

Jim Frees says:

Beautifully counter-intuitive.

Nunya Business says:

Satch is sooooo overrated. I have three or four of his CDs and he's a good player, but there are hundreds who are better.

satria satriani says:

January 2019.

Spaceboy989 Jefferson says:

Satch seems like a good dude. Just wish he played with different guitars on occasion.

Spaceboy989 Jefferson says:

Such a gutless shit tone. Ibanez blows. Schofield kills this d bag. He’s technically sound of course but man what a lifeless shit backing track with that Ibanez and a Marshall. Shredders are just so indistinguishable…. Jack Pearson smokes joe d Bagiani on a squire. Check out jack person. U will see it for yourself. Not only better but about 1000x cooler.

Winston Wolfe says:

I wish I could write music like that in my apartment… in an afternoon.

The Rhino says:

From my youth. Great composition.

Sgt mick Shanchez says:

Absolutely amazing master

Eugene Vlasenko says:

The best live performance of this song was at San Francisco concert in 2001. IMHO of course.

Siquijorian Warrior says:

His tone is like biggener one. This guy never match to the great MAB

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