Journey of Guitar Solo (THE INSTRUMENTALS – Episode 1)

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In this video, we focus on the electric guitar solo in it’s MAINSTREAM form. The electric guitar was and IS still doing wild stuff across unprecedented amounts of sub-genres. The acoustic guitar has also been doing amazing things for hundreds of years…but…this video focuses on what happened to Electric Guitar in mainstream western music…

Mark Sidney Johnson leads us through the journey of the Electric Guitar Solo. With 28 songs spanning over 50 years, this medley takes a look at the ever evolving roll of the guitar solo in western pop music.

This is the first in CDZA’s brand new THE INSTRUMENTALS series.
More to come.

Featuring Tim Crow as “Voice of God”
Text Design/Branding by David Murawsky
and Fact Man, as Fact Man

Recorded @ Terminus Recording Studios NYC []


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