Keith Urban At: Guitar Center

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We caught up with Keith Urban on the road at the Guitar Center in Sacramento where he told us about his musical beginnings and showed us two Fender guitars from his seemingly-infinite collection: a Fender Custom Shop “Snakehead” replica by Master Builder Dennis Galuszka and an Eric Clapton Stratocaster with a left-handed Cabronita Telecaster neck. Be sure to keep up with Keith at and check out his latest album “Fuse” now on iTunes: plus, get tickets to see Keith on tour:

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Nancy Foroughi says:

Ur the best Keith!!

Shirley Rael says:

The love of guitar’s beautiful ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

Børre Borgan says:

you sound like a nice guy,,can we make some song togheter?

Literally just a piece of pie says:

Too bad he plays literal trash, if he plays at all.

ShivaSix says:

Make no mistake, this guy can play. I'm a Metal-Progressive kinda guy. I've been blown away watching a couple of guys dinking around on a Guitar just warming up. Neither of whom, I ever really listened to – Although, was a little familiar with some of their tunes. Willie was one, Keith was the other. Besides…Keith is a kind soul. No ego… Both of those guy's would rather just Jam, than Socialize and be Stars. Keith can shred his guts out and embarrass people if he wanted to, I'd imagine…he just ain't wired that way.

Melissa Hill says:

hey Keith Urban good singer all the guitars I like to play with him

Ryan Madrid says:

He makes a point there about the piano reference

Matt Elrod says:

Keith Urban is the second coolest famous Australian guy

DebotaR jonmo says:

I Always get inspired by the legends but tears comes out when my financial and mental situation become negative….

Craig Gibson says:

Like Brad Paisley, he's a wonderful player who needs to seriously re-think the sappy dreck he performs. I get it, it sells tickets and albums, but it's soul-sucking production line pop with a salt-shaker of country spice.

Charles Foltana says:

Sounds beautiful for me! 😀

Eric Kleefeld says:

Keith Urban would've bought that Ibanez Telecaster copy in the mid-1970s.

Those were really good guitars! That was the era when the Japanese companies took off in quality.

Nolan R says:

That guitar is soooo cool

firesideav says:

YOU ~ ROCK ! !


Homos wear mascara.

Hayden Lemke says:

Back when Keith was on cocain

Captain Nobody says:

Keith ….Jesus m8
The rest gunna Betray you..

bobby deere says:

Not a fan got to have the real tele head stock

Ryan says:

Players player. Fender junkie. And a good guy. Donates to charities around the globe. I dig how he has his Frankenstein guitars. I worked one of his shows backstage in my hometown. Saw his gear first hand. And yeah his eyes are even more intense in person. Lol

Martin Webb says:

Holy shit its David Beckham with a guitar!

Jake Marcov says:

The strat with the left handed telecaster neck is so fucking cool I want to build a guitar like that

Isan Simpson says:

crazy when famous guitar players have completely shit vibrato….also more string length past the nut doesn't add any tension…but that's a somewhat common misconception at least…if anything the only difference would be in the break angle, which can change the feel somewhat.

Melodie Myhre says:

I own one of your electric guitars and it's the worst guitar I have ever owned. It never stays in tune.

Orion Ingram says:

what a genuinely good guitar player and overall person

U2 Guitar Tutorials says:

Keith has such an amazing touch. True talent. Makes it look so easy. Love the subtle bends and finger picking.

kim says:

it's laughable that this poser is willing to get in front of a camera and pretend that he's a good guitar player. he needs to spend as much time practicing his playing as he spends in front of a mirror adjusting his mangina moose knuckle.

derper derp says:

lil wayne is better

Bert Galapia says:

I would rather contract terminal cancer than listen to that album

Martin Kent says:

When they opened a Guitar Center where I live I went by out of curiosity and in the front window were life size cardboard cut outs of all the guitar greats like Hendrix, Page, etc and then there was Keith Urban. Being a fan of just about all music I knew who he was and when I went into the store I asked one of the guys who worked there if any of their customers recognized Keith Urban and he said "usually not but when they ask who he is I tell them he is one hell of a guitar player." Whether or not you like country if you haven't heard him play you need to.

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