Lead Guitar Theory – Dorian Mode and Pentatonic Scale

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Hey guys Marty here again from my home “MartyMusic”! Here’s another Mode lesson with soloing theory and concepts. I really hope it helps you. Thanks again for supporting me by supporting MartyMusic

Peace and Love!


Marty Music says:

Thanks for supporting MartyMusic! http://www.MartyMusic.com

Eumir Abela says:

Why is the 7 chord, B, not used?

Jeremiah Hutchison says:

I am going broke buying guitars, every time I start rocking really hard the strings catch fire and the guitar burns up!! can you do a lesson on how to stop my self from rocking so hard? open to suggestions marty..maybe some day you can check my channel peace.

gheddi says:

Sorry i didnt understand it really with all the music words but I played the chords and it kinda fit? But minor major dominant 29th forth seventh dominant is just too much for my peanut IQ

Jim Thomas says:

He must have learned this on that guitar because that's the way my golf clubs looked after I learned to play.

Pter da wolf says:

If Dm is the one chord, does that mean G acts like a IV and Am a V chord?

john mclellan says:

Another great lesson Marty. Made an absolute smorgasbord of licks out of nothing…on the B and E top strings…..you're the "go-to" man for me

Blues Man 63 says:

Very cool; I have heard those devices being played and never could figure them out.

Benjamin Turney says:

this = mind blown! awesomeness

tony other says:

Marty, there are many guitar tutorial videos here on YouTube, but you are one of the best.

Each has its own different style which adds a certain flavour to it, but – for me (I don't doubt there are some who hate you, though why I wouldn't know) – your enthusiasm and ability to persuade us none of it is as hard as it might look puts you there right at the top. So thanks. My particular interest is jazz guitar, by the way (so who are your favourite jazz guitarists, dead or alive?)

Now for my question: you always wear a hat of some kind. Why is that?

James Gillmore says:

wooo marty!!! you just made modes click in my head!!! now i can actually apply this to my playing way more effortlessly. youre a God send bro. keep up the hard work man it shows in your playing and teaching

eNeNe says:

The stuff with the thirds on the E and B string as help in soloing is maybe THE BEST guitar advice I've ever heard.

eNeNe says:

At 1:34 speed up backwards to play Boys Don't Cry. 🙂

Glenn Koger says:

Fantastic lesson Marty! Really made it clear. Thanks.

Slim says:

Good stuff Marty

TheGlassasylum says:

Yeah thanks Marty,
good lesson, High Value!

Tony Bologna says:

What’s your guitar chain if sounds amazing ?

chris rocco says:

7th chord we dont use???? wtf duuuuuuuude

Paul Colbi says:

Thank you very much ❤️

Randy Loehr says:

Love that strat

matt zajac says:

“I’ve got a D right here ?…”
hahaha just kiddin- another great lesson. I like where you talk about how the double stops relate to each pentatonic position.

Frank C says:

I know this is an old video so I'm not sure if this is going to get a response, but would it be correct to draw from this that if I am playing a c major scale it could in effect be a variety of different modes depending on which chord is being treated as the 1 chord? For example, If I played a c major scale over that D chord it would be dorian, but if I played it over an A minor chord it would be aeolian, given that that is the 6 chord and aeolian is the 6th mode?

psazani says:

good stuff. Check out the original track of woke up this morning by alabama 3 (track 3, Exile on Coldharbour Lane). Dorian heaven

Harvey Roper says:

So by thinking of the Dm as now being the I chord, how does that affect building the chords? Would the C then become the vii chord and would the C become diminished because its the vii chord?

Valerie-Josephine says:

Hey Marty, great video! Been following Guitar Jamz for a few years now, just wondering why you are now stressing "Matry Music" so much as the best way to support you? Why not Guitar Jamz anymore?

Ian Black says:

Those last few minutes though… when your friendly neighbourhood guitar teacher busts out a goddamn face-melter 0___o

Matthew Stundtner says:

The chords of a key video u did was in G maj. Was it not? I mean I know it's the same principle right ?

Ross Miller says:

Hey Marty, listening from Australia. I am a blind guy playing lovely guitars but find your lessons so helpful and revealing. The clarity of your work is superb and always always appreciated.

Ashleigh berry says:

What are the main things to learn in theory and the best thing to start with ?

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