Learn 100 Guitar Chords in 8 Minutes

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Quickly learn how to play and memorize over 100 guitar chords in only 8 minutes with 9 moveable shapes. Check out how to do the same thing on the A string here:

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Jean claude UWIMANA says:

Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson. I have a question you mean the major shapes can be played in any place of the major chord and the minor ones can be played in the place of any minor chord? Explain to me please thanks in advance.

Panic! At the Disco Fan says:

You mean 8 minutes and 16 seconds

Jeez what a scam

Jk ?

merak0044 says:

I'm 47 starting to play guitar and this is helping alot.

Jeremy Hansen says:

Gonna have to start playing those minor 6 chords, especially after a major 7, they sound great together, thanks for the lesson!

Scandi-Cool Media says:

I dont understand a thing, but it sounds easy when he speaks.

Bova Don says:

i needed this a long time ago. thank you

Fabian K says:

This is really good

Eias Correa says:

He looks like Neil Patrick Harris

Phil Morgan says:

Hey Sean. If I play an Am chord, the Am scale sounds best, but if I play a variant like Am7 do I need to alter the scale? I'm thinking not as the notes from Am or Am7 or any Am variant are made from the scale but just wanted to check I'm getting it right. Cheers Sean

dunkin' pirate says:

this video really help me

Cesar Estrada says:

No more zombie chords for me!! Hell yea man thanks

マクルベインチヤツク says:

It's 100% important to know the fretboard. .

Josip Gregorić says:

Whats that guitar?

Joe says:

God I hate it when dates who don't play anything about guitar ask me to play an a minor 9!

Damian Oms says:

When you skip the A string for the AMaj6, AMaj7, and Amin6 chords, if you were to move that shape up two frets, wouldn’t the pitch of the A string stay the same? If so, how could these chord shapes work with chord roots other than A?

Josh says:

what guitar is that

Bradley Moyer says:

You mean do 8 chords, ya ain't gonna learn them all in 8 minutes.

Will Spellman says:

Nathan Kress

charan ginagawa mue says:

how about diminished chords?

mike welmusic says:

can someone do all cords of a guitar

Akshat Saxena says:

nice lesson but I am a bit confused, at 5:24 shouldn't the 6th be an F note cause you are playing F#.

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