Learning All Guitar Notes In First Position Fret Board Lesson EricBlackmonGuitar

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Anthony Castillo says:

Hello sir i recently learn ever enough by watching your video and its great and easy to understand. By any chance can you do a tutorial for "On a Lonely Night by A Rocket to the moon" please 🙂

Ele says:

Hello Eric. This lesson is awesome, just like the others. Your channel is huge, you have an impressive amount of videos, so… forgive me for this question. Maybe you answered to that before, but I was wondering: how do guitar brands work? Let's take the Fender Stratocaster model as example. There are tons of guitars with the same shape, from unknown brands to bigger ones. How does this mechanism work? Do they pay Fender for copyright permissions or something like that?

telestoe says:

You’re a great teacher Eric. Thanks

Pete says:

Of all the people that teach guitar on youtube no one does it as good as you.

Thomas Campbell says:

Love these types of lessons. Keep up the good work Mr. Blackmon …..awesome

Ivan Shipy says:

Thanks man I've been trying to catch up with your videos I'm getting through the backlog. ..and I have to say I've learnt a lot thanks from Dublin Ireland

James says:

You give great info that is easy to understand. I especially like very beginning when you were playing that song and seeing side by side which strings you were striking with each note, kind of a side by side comparison. Love the videos, always tons of very helpful techniques. Thank you.

ShermaddictedtoRC says:

thank you for this lesson one small piece of information and the dots line up.

Mohamed Mokhtar says:

Nice lesson

Fred Schell says:

I really enjoy listening to your way of tutoring  …. I can even easily  play chords all over the neck, still never  learned what you teach me here Eric  !

EricBlackmonGuitar says:

Eric's Exclusive GUITAR MUSIC THEORY YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8FS_SmkalMY77sQfCLKws9vSGVXA6mWl

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