Master of Puppets but every time he says MASTER it gets FASTER

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Follow on Twitch here: | This might be one of my favorite ideas I’ve seen for a chart.

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Lord Maul says:

Faster of Puppets

ElFino013 says:

Upper left corner… Cumsock?

Marcus Rodriguez says:

The part before the main solo sounds like it should be in a megaman game

Justin Brooks says:

You are insane sir but I like it

Guitar Logan says:

That was entertaining

Lloyd Griffith says:

Shoulda been faster of puppets

3rdCoastVersa _ says:

His face at the end….the noise he makes before he laughs!!! I cant stop laughing

David G says:

Right around 3:00 it starts sounding like DragonForce.

David G says:

That would suck so hard but the sound of Chipmunk James is hilarious.

Rushin' Truckin' says:

Still 90%!!!! INSANE! My brain doesn't work that fast

Chaos Angel says:

Hahahaha oh my God, lord help me!! XD

3:05 and onward had me laughing and screaming. I couldn't help but shed tears from that part!! I couldn't breathe!!! Almost had me actually falling out of my chair lmao!

Oooooh man, thanks for that Jason. I'm sorry but I enjoyed that too much.

Derek G says:

Nobody said anything about how the guitar solo sounds like 8-bit anime fight music?

Greg Elsbernd says:

I know this vid is a couple of years old and I am ot sure why YouTube brought me here, but I figured I would watch. Pushing 50 here, and a big fan of Metallica so I figured maybe it would be an ok video. I gotta tell you, It was more than ok. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Your reactions to every speed up were priceless. Thanks for the fun video.

Brian Lopez says:

Damn…4:05 on. And people say Lars is trash!

LeviLord004 says:

Anyone else get a Doom Theme vibe from the opening part of the track?

Dezee Wezee says:

At the middle every "master" is practically telling you "faster" ?

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