Meme songs guitar tabs

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Meme songs guitar tabs
How to play Memes on guitar – Guitar tutorial/Tab.
The next episode – Snoop dogg & Runaway – Epic sax guy & The X-Files & All Star – Smash mouth – Shrek & John cena theme

Guitar tab 1: The next episode (Smoke weed everyday)
Guitar tab 2: Runaway (epic sax guy)
Guitar tab 3: The X-Files
Guitar tab 4: John cena theme song
Guitar tab 5: All Star Smash mouth (Shrek)

These songs were played on accoustic guitar with fingerstyle and are fun and easy to play


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r. r i b e i r o says:



Your a good guitarist but can slow down a little because a little bit fast

Jonathan Marcello says:

This deserves a lot more views

JPlayingMinecraft says:

Truly fantastic video. Keep up the good work!

Trevor Harms says:

This video does not have enough views. Awesome job, finally something fun that I can play.

abdelrahman omar says:

Keep it up!

Ola Ola says:

I love this man keep it up

FIFA Legend says:

Bonus Meme?!?

This is Barris! - French History says:

Memes on guitars? Someone knows how to YouTube haha

Imma have to try a few of those, they seem relatively easy

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