Metallica – Nothing Else Matters – Guitar Lesson pt 1

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Marty Music says:

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Guitar Lessons says:

Huge Video! It assisted me a lot!

Guitar Lessons says:

Great video! It assisted me a lot!

Guitar Lessons says:

Awesome video! It helped me a lot!

stvemq says:

Wait, how do you do the part after 7:19? Just blew through that.

James Jacopetti says:

Marty,you need a Martin to play

Kern Glaubitz says:

Marty I used to live in Chico we take meny times in blockbusters video store. .go the Facebook my name Kern.glaubitz Kern .com biscuits I like to learn how to play the better

Majo Cerón says:

I got my guitar only 6 days ago. And i only know 2 chords, but im compromised to learn this song no matter what (today i managed to get until minute 9, so i'll keep going) >:3

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