Most METAL Guitar Ever!

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Today I unveil the 20 string ‘Djentar’! The most metal and djentiest guitar ever made!! Then we put it to the ultimate shred test!
Thanks to 10s guitars for making this guitar!

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Rrock Cj says:

Just a gimmick, nothing more.

The Finkie says:

This makes me sad because it's such a nice guitar, and realistically, he's never going to use it again after this video 🙁 what a waste

Baked Potato says:

2:08 did he just play the solo to Revolution is my name by Pantera?

Bernard Candela says:

there's a point when a guitar stops being a guitar and becomes a bass

Stacy Yamashita says:

Dragonforce wants to know your location

A Potato says:

0:35 more like Djent Djent DJEEEENT

SLAKAN says:

Where am I going to find a guitar hager

Where are you going to find a wall

LMAO ???

Beard Bitch says:

Are you recording this on a frickin rebel t6?

Peter Scalise says:

2:55 Around the World by RHCP ??

Fandom Pianist says:

The only guitar that you have to hug to play

Nick Prather says:

Oh Lord I can hear Jared and Steve now…

eddie julian says:

Or you could have a bass player and 2 guitarists and play a song. That is definitely more of a work of art than a functional instrument.

Tyler says:

You're annoying but cool guitar

Joel Chandler says:

LOL bro you had me dying when you said its "guitart"

Crash Webb says:

Almost as big as your forehead

AnimeHeadShot 101 says:

Maybe it would be easier to play if you laid it flat and played it like a Guzheng or Koto.
Edit: Nevermind, you did.

Rene Alexis Penaloza Munoz says:

3:26 and I couldn't stand that idiot talking anymore.

Sebi One says:


Sebi One says:

Is it just me or does the fret board design look like a mule leg?

Júlio César says:

2:54 plays Around the world by Chili Peppers

Alex Spalding says:

Steve is a worm

Darth Djent says:

The largest string on that guitar has suck a long string number it’s as long as a phone number

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