Muse survival solo guitar lesson no need for guitar tab!

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So you want to learn how to play Muse’s New song Survival From their upcoming album Second (2nd) Coming the official Olympics 2012 song!? Well join me for a 2 part guitar tutorial and learn how to play one of the biggest tunes this year! For Free! GUITARIST UNITE! – Post your cover of this song on my video and get featured I and I’m sure a lot of people out there would love to see how you guys do with this awesome Muse Song!

For the Rhythm Guitar lesson click here:

We will be covering the lead guitar in this lesson and we have a great deal of techniques going on during this tune. Not only do we see a use of some very exotic scales but also tremolo picking, whammy bar tricks, chugging, melodic playing and some fast phrases all thrown in for great effect, it’s a real work out on any guitarist looking at improving their technique with some Muse Guitar Licks! I go over the guitar technique quite quickly but do take it at your own pace, re-winding where necessary as all parts are played at approx half speed

As a note The original “survival” song by Muse was recorded on a guitar tuned down a half step (To Eb) However I have taught this in standard tuning to make things a little easier for you. The first part of this song is an orchestral arrangement. My lesson begins at the piano part that enters which we can mimic on the guitar

Here is a brief run-down of the chords and lead guitar structure if you would like to strum along – or use the lesson to play it “as it is” on the track

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