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IMPORTANT: I had too write this because I feel like 7000 hours is a pretty bold statement. This is not 7000 hours of PURE practice. It’s making tablature (with help of the guitar) arranging songs, figuring out new melodys and a lot more. You kind of get the idea. My approach had never been blood sweat and tears. I’ve always practiced in a way that makes long days with the guitar possible. Right now I’m working part time with youtube. That means i’m working part time with guitar. If we talk intense practice, let’s say you’re low on time. I think 2 hours is huuge for your progress. If you manage to fit that in you will be an amazing player in a couple of years.

Thanks to Fender PLAY I can do Youtube part-time. If you want to learn acoustic/electric guitar and become better than me, this is the place to go. Right now they’re offering a 30-day FREE trial so you can try it out. (They even have a sleek app). Try it out now! I wish this existed when I started learning

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Leon Alex says:

Wow! Thanks for letting us know about "Fender PLAY" Mattias! I will definitely sign up for a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL and improve my guitar playing! You are the best Mattias!

Christopher Lock says:

I don't think you practice enough 😉 No seriously, that was a wonderful journey to watch, you're very dedicated and talented 🙂

Rajasik Ghosh says:

I became your fan. ❤️

E G says:

he means hours of PRACTICE TIME, not time passed lmao

Also, apparently a lot of you are embarrassingly bad at guitar lol

K Briel says:

6:55 Song ?

just a random girl in a random world says:

At 6:30 you say you practiced 3300 hours in October and then in december (same year) it swipes to 4140 hours. But how can you practice 840 hours in 2 months??
If we would start counting from first day of october until the last of december there would be 60 days (every day has 24 hours -> 60×24=1440) so youve got 1440 hours in this time but i expect you to sleep maybe 8 hours a day so (1440-480) you got 960 hours in this two whole months. If you played 840 of these guitar (and i dont even think you played 14 hours per day) you got 120 left means 2 hours per day in which you ate, worked/school, made smth else than playing guitar,etc.
So for me this dont make ANY sense!

holgh wolgh says:

Awesome stuff man! Just remember, learn songs with good melodies. Take from it, and write stuff. I love your progress!

Annoyed to the Cat says:

So u practiced around 3 hours a day for EACH day of that 7 year peogress

Tobias Bosworth says:

Wait a second, you know Indonesia isn’t part of India, right?


I like how he referred Sungha Jung as Thanos lol

Sebastian N says:

what chords do you play in 9:28? you are amazing!! greetings from chile


My god I love the (10 level part) it is just amazing!l!l
Could you please name the song and make a tutorial on it….. It is just superb!!!

Death Star says:

He has thin long fingers. I have fat fingers..Been 2 years off and on. I'm at his 30 hour level.

SJ Borah says:

Juli = July

Jason May says:

Cool…now write a hit song.

LOL..JK. Amazing dedication.

force driven says:

Never seen anything more fluid. You are like water. Cheers mate

NelTTV says:

10:58 what's the name of that guitar? It looks and sounds good

Steven Walter says:

I play guitar my whole life and I only can play sweet home alabama and knocking on heavens door. Im 25.. funny huh?

Girish Prabhakar says:

I'm just 2 days back i brought guitar one I will become a good guitarist

superchibiwings says:

is fender play good?

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