Neon Moon | Brooks & Dunn | Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn uses the A E D Chords for the verses and chorus.

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7th AngelAD says:

?Down Down up up?
?up up down..?

Oscar Gonzales says:

I love your videos and I love your guitar! Can you make a video talking about all of your guitars? Or can you tell me the model of the one you have in this video?

Gene Halbrooks says:

Great song!! Thanks for covering

00Sleven says:

"editor cut that out please"! I love it.

Charlie Stockey says:

Can u do travis tritt best of intentions

Bill Harden says:

Bud I love that song! I can’t sing a lick, but now I can at least play it! Thanks Brother

Dillon Wallace says:

Do that’s my job by Conway twitty

Bob D says:

Matt Red Dirt road…please

jonathan charrie says:

Could you do a video on Hello Beautifull by Noah schnacky thanks love your tutorials peace out

marisolr480 says:

Love your videos. I have learned a lot. Thanks. Can you teach Dancing Away with my Heart by Dillon Carmichael.

Dave Meyer says:

Great video!!! How about “cowgirls don’t cry “?

Dominic Germano says:

These throw back days make me feel so good remembering old friends and good times. I know I'm not alone in thinking this way. Love the lessons Matt! God bless!!

Julian Semenuk says:

I treated her so wrong for so long by brooks and Dunn.

wteasleyjr says:

You Bringin it now boy! Anything this era is a home run with me??
I bought this album with my first check from The US ARMY 1993. ❤️

Caston Rogers says:

Can you teach modern day Bonnie and Clyde

Jim Horst says:

Matt someday you're going have to give your brother Back his guitar or give him the money for it. LOl

Robert Auger says:

Oh man! If you could put out a channel of all that great stuff from the late 80’s and 90’s that would be awesome

Juan Colmenero says:

Great songs and era of country music

Tim Smiddy says:

Sweet, gotta say 1 of my favs from Brooks &Dunn has to be "Lost & Found" Thanks for all you do!!
Enjoying the throwbacks!

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