How to string a guitar so that it plays in tune perfectly and cuts down the risk of breaking a string. In this video I will show you the right way to change electric [More]
New strings get out of tune all the time. Here’s a couple of steps and methods you can use to help them keep their tuning for longer periods of time, especially after you first put [More] Click to LIKE Nail Guitar on facebook. Also find us on Twitter – Become a Nail Guitar VIP for secret tips and tricks lessons, updates of new youtube lessons and special offers on [More] “First half of the video is recorded with a known brand of coated strings, second half is DR Dragon Skins. I was really impressed by how much more “alive” the DR strings sounded – [More] for a full description, more free guitar courses, guitar lessons and a great community of guitarists to help you out or share your experiences with! If you decide to tune your guitar to the [More] difference between Classical and Flamenco guitars Here are the 10 rewards of following the study program Lessons in Málaga at the New CFG-studio Málaga Grants: Grant Recipients +1000 free lessons [More] . Sign up for our secret lessons at! . Learn how to change the strings on an electric guitar in this lesson. Changing electric guitar strings is essential to gaining the best tone [More]
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