This video will show how to play air guitar and select songs.
Guitar expert Franklin Taggart demonstrates how to play a blues song on the guitar by changing cords.
Guitar expert Franklin Taggart demonstrates how to do strum patterns for a blues song.
Tips On How To Play Your Favorite Songs On Your Guitar . Use These Easy Ways To Learn The Songs You Want And Impress Your Frinds. Latest Guiitar Videos .
Hi everybody, this is my entry to this guitar solo contest. I have added some other instruments and harmonisation in some parts, hope you like it! All the comments are welcome! SORRY FOR THE POOR [More]
Learn how to identify the strings of the guitar with this free guitar lesson. Learn the different names and number that are associated with the six strings on the guitar. – Visit for more [More]
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In this video we’re going to look into basic guitar maintenance and changing of the guitar strings.Stay tuned for the next part!ps. You can view the episode in full quality at: This video will explain the physics behind fretting a guitar string. It’s obvious that fretting a note shortens the guitar string – but how does this cause the pitch to raise. This Learn-Guitar-Quick video [More]
Broken guitar strings are very common if you play guitar. I you don’t know how to change your guitar strings don’t fret! Watch as Matt teaches you how to change your strings so that you [More]
There’s a joke that goes: What does a guitar player do 25% of the time? Tune his guitar. And what does he do on the other 75%? Play on an out-of-tune guitar. Well, string tuning [More]
Think You Know Guitar Strings? look at

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