In this video we’re going to look into basic guitar maintenance and changing of the guitar strings.Stay tuned for the next part!ps. You can view the episode in full quality at: This video will explain the physics behind fretting a guitar string. It’s obvious that fretting a note shortens the guitar string – but how does this cause the pitch to raise. This Learn-Guitar-Quick video [More]
Broken guitar strings are very common if you play guitar. I you don’t know how to change your guitar strings don’t fret! Watch as Matt teaches you how to change your strings so that you [More]
There’s a joke that goes: What does a guitar player do 25% of the time? Tune his guitar. And what does he do on the other 75%? Play on an out-of-tune guitar. Well, string tuning [More]
Think You Know Guitar Strings? look at
One on One Tuition, Group Tuition, Tuition via Video Conference. Balanced approach. Enthusiasm is self sustaining! “play guitar strings fast” by visiting the above link How to string a guitar so that it plays in tune perfectly and cuts down the risk of breaking a string. In this video I will show you the right way to change electric [More]
New strings get out of tune all the time. Here’s a couple of steps and methods you can use to help them keep their tuning for longer periods of time, especially after you first put [More] Click to LIKE Nail Guitar on facebook. Also find us on Twitter – Become a Nail Guitar VIP for secret tips and tricks lessons, updates of new youtube lessons and special offers on [More] “First half of the video is recorded with a known brand of coated strings, second half is DR Dragon Skins. I was really impressed by how much more “alive” the DR strings sounded – [More] for a full description, more free guitar courses, guitar lessons and a great community of guitarists to help you out or share your experiences with! If you decide to tune your guitar to the [More] difference between Classical and Flamenco guitars Here are the 10 rewards of following the study program Lessons in Málaga at the New CFG-studio Málaga Grants: Grant Recipients +1000 free lessons [More] . Sign up for our secret lessons at! . Learn how to change the strings on an electric guitar in this lesson. Changing electric guitar strings is essential to gaining the best tone [More]

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