“The first thing you should know about Andrew Winton is that he’s a seriously good guitarist… In company with some of Australia’s finest singer-songwriters, most notably Jeff Lang, Winton uses a blues base [More]
Fast acoustic guitar song but there is no tapping in this video just some very good fingerpicking.
Music works a lot like language does – except instead of words and ideas, it expresses emotions and intent. It also gives us an oxytocin boost, which plays an important role in increasing bonding and [More]
This video is the best instrumental music in 2017. It includes 2 hours of beautiful relaxing instrumental guitar music cover. The guitar relaxing music are selected from the best acoustic guitar cover in the first [More]
Meme songs guitar tabs How to play Memes on guitar – Guitar tutorial/Tab. The next episode – Snoop dogg & Runaway – Epic sax guy & The X-Files & All Star – Smash mouth – [More]
An exclusive first look at Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock. Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock is the most rocking, immersive Guitar Hero gameplay experience that will inspire gamers and their friends to rock together. The [More]
I might have headbanged. Just a little bit! Watch Live here! Charted by the AMAZING Miscellany. Please sub to him here! Chart download Here’s the list of every song (With which game [More]
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Guy showing his talents on an acoustic…
Subscribe: Japanese guitarist Ishihara Takamasa, better known as Miyavi, has been in the game over 20 years now. The Samurai Guitarist played in a visual kei rock band, went solo to incredible success, has [More]
Post Malone has been playing the acoustic guitar since he was a teenager, and it’s become part of his recorded music too. From his ‘beerbongs & bentleys’ cut “Stay” to “Go Flex” and “Feeling Whitney” [More]

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