Guitar Lessons Strongsville Ohio offered at Strongsville Academy of Music. University-trained teachers that make learning fun. To register now, call 440-572-9000 or visit for more info!
Academy of Music and Drama Fair Haven, Holmdel. Last years faculty and student recitals and student appreciation day. Visit for info on Musical Me Kinder Rhythm Drama Children’s Choir RockSchool and Private Lessons for [More]
L’indifférence se doit de mourir. Nos souffrances apprennent à se taire. Nos rêves s’étouffent dans leur sphère. Mais je veux voir notre bonheur s’épanouir…. Sous la pression du monde, je chavire. Mon Amour, ton coeur [More]
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I talk a bit about gas prices. Then I talk about the problems of working weekends.
I talk more about work and the moves that bosses often make which are detrimental to the workplace. . Sign up for the FREE secret-lessons at: . Learn how to play the minor pentatonic scale on the guitar. This guitar lesson walks you through this essential guitar scale with practical examples.
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