Play 12 Songs With 2 Chords – Guitar Lesson Video

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With all the chords, strumming patterns, and hundreds of other things there are to learn on the guitar it can seem like playing your favorite songs is a lifetime away. In this beginner guitar lesson, we’re going to take some time to focus on playing the easiest popular songs on the guitar. The songs we’ll be looking at only require you to play two chords and use simple strumming patterns. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have twelve great songs under your belt as a guitarist.

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meme apple says:

Maaan that b major got me

Justin Y. says:

my only question

do i need to strum other string if i change chords

Nitin Sharma says:

Can you please suggest me some songs that follow A and E chords… Tx

lol lol says:

Guitar playing looks so so dificult….beyond me..wish i could get my head round it….lesrnung a msrtian language eould be easier

olivia victoria says:

u look like bob duncan

Fortnite Geek says:

there is no way i am gonna play this. i play trumpet it is way easier!

Erik Von Handorf says:

Love this video, especially how each song highlighted not only a different pair of chord progressions, but incorporated a different strumming pattern. While your suggestion to watch the whole video and note those songs the viewer liked personally and wanted to learn, the video is also useful as a “boot camp” disciplinary technique for beginner guitarists’ learning rhythm, strumming patterns, chord fingering and chord progressions, all packaged very tightly and easy to follow

Alex Gohde says:

No problem with the lesson. Teaching myself for more than a decade now. How about advanced lessons on Elliott Smith?

Steve DAmico says:

I'd like to add my favorite 2 chord song. "Feeling Alright", by Dave Mason..I play it standard tuning, no capo..E7 and A7…You can play around with it to get a funkier sound..I do it by lifting and hammering my middle finger on the E7, then simultaneously lifting and hammering on both fingers for the A7…It's different from Joe Cocker, and DM's versions, but really sounds good when you lay the soulful funk feel to it.

Kimberly Bracken says:

I am using Chord Buddy i have been sick and am waiting for surgery though are you familiar with the the Chord Buddy

The Liam Effect says:


bonkey dollocks says:

Do two songs with twelve chords in

Jack White says:

I fear my hands maybe too small to play the chord right

Jawad Haidary says:

you are amazing man! thank you!

Dracula says:

Too much of talking

Margareth Bawingan says:

Great…love it.

Peytonimous Prime says:

Soooo 2 chords 30 minute video?

Zach Thomas says:

this takes no talent, don’t @ me

Misty Celt says:

Thanx. XXX MISTYCELT Singer Songwriter

RJ says:

Can't wait to annoy the rest of the family with my over the top rendition of Jane Says

Rothsuede says:

The point of this lesson is to frustrate the hell out me – before you start teaching – please just play the song –

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