Play Better Guitar Solos – Learn to Combine Scales and Arpeggios – Steve Stine Guitar Lesson

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In this guitar lesson video, Steve Stine discusses the importance of learning to combine scales AND arpeggios to create effective and creative guitar solos, and a number of reasons why and demonstrations how to apply these concepts.

Remember, always keep in mind the importance of emphasizing the right notes at the right times over various chords and chord changes, as this is one of the keys to effective guitar melody.

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Steve Stine Guitar Lessons says:

Need help with your Guitar Path?

See Steve's Guitar Courses:


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Zane Hunt says:

You are a Great Teacher Steve, plus you come across as a nice bloke too – Thankyou from Down-Under – Perth WA 🙂

David Heinzen says:

I am looking forward to the day I arrive at the wonder land of understanding and playing the whole neck,, the learning process will be the fun as I look back, thanks you Guys!

mamdudsh says:

Best Teacher I have found so far!

Raul Salinas says:

almost 5 and a half minutes in and I still havent gotten to anything I can use.. cmon man. less showing off and more to what the tiitle of the video is..

ros roun says:

well your video I wanna learn with you!

Robert Volpe says:

So helpful! Thank you!

Ray Crumpler says:

Thanks so much for your help and especially for using a clean tone which really helps hear the notes. Always enjoy your lessons.

Music! says:

great lesson and playing dude! subbed!

Jack Hammer says:

thanks steve

Kushagra Jha says:

You're the best, Steve!

Kevy Metal says:

Like the H&K despite only owning a Cream Machine from 25yrs ago; that little amp impressed me. How do you like their amps of the last few yrs as I see you're using one?
Enjoy your insights. As a long time guitarist in learning and I think no musician ever truly stops learning unless they're complacent with where they're at as a musician whether they be practicing, gigging locally or 'pro', etc., I so often find new ways to view a topic that can help expand my knowledge and thereby, hopefully my abilities. I played years w/o ever studying any theory by just learning cover tunes as best I could and/or the few scale and chord shapes I knew by pattern/name and only really made efforts with theory in the last decade which has helped me break a long held plateau. And, since few apparently think and communicate via words & images like I do, musically is about as far as is too often the case, it always is a boon to see another musician's interpretation of any subject for my own clarity.

I really hope that all the young aspiring guitarists that rely on your lessons as a major building block can appreciate the luxury they now have in this age that simply wasn't as readily available when I first started a long time ago in what now seems like a galaxy far, far away at times. And I wish them all the best of what they seek to achieve as musicians and to your music entrepreneurship as well. B-)

David LeGalley says:

Steve, as always an excellent lesson! Thank you!

Pete Ruth says:

Jesus. You’re incredibly talented, Steve. That was ethereal.

Chris Witek says:

sorta unrelated by what picks do you use steve? they look fairly chunky =p

Shane Williams Sr says:

This and your video on playing both major and minor pentatonic at the same time, has unlocked so many things I was trying to figure out. You are a phenomenal teacher.

Michel Vandennoortgate says:

eindelijk iemand die de samenhang tussen arpeggio's – akkoorden en scales op een heel duidelijke en aanschouwelijke manier verklaart.

mohan magar says:

thanks for video. .very helpful. .?????

Sebastian G. says:

Thanks for this amazing lesson! Are these arpeggio shapes the same as the caged system shapes?

GameswithRambo says:

Arpaghettios ? I think the joke sounded better in my head…kinda like the music sometimes ? thanks for all you do to help us aspiring guitarists ✌

JL Hill says:

As someone with over thirty years playing, including five years of touring this is excellent to see. Thank you Steve for posting, I am going to share this with my friends who sometimes struggle with soloing.

hilario vargas says:

Yes sir thanks..i am getting there after 2 years of listening to you my mind is finally getting it. Almost composing my own stuff…it hasn't been easy…but it was easier than once thought…60 years old….influenced by Jimi Hendrix … was hard…the video you did…showing the scales in major or minor helped immensely…thanks again..

Keith Fine says:

Great lesson as always

BrPaul FenderBass says:

Thank you Steve.Played bass for longtime.Been playing guitar for year and a half now.Your videos have really helped.God Bless

Biva Rani Saha says:

can i combine any scale with any scale?for example A major and A minor.Or A major to any scale?

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