Playing Call of Duty with a GUITAR HERO Controller

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Playing COD with a Guitar Hero Controller! This was fun!
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I decided to try and play Call of Duty: Black Ops III with a Guitar Hero controller. It was extremely difficult at first, but I kind of got the hang of it. If you guys want to see me play any other Call of Duty game with the Guitar Hero controller, let me know in the comments! This was a lot of fun and I hope it was funny for you guys to watch!

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Crispy Concords says:

Should I do this again with another COD?

Ryan _ says:

If u press a button and strum that could do something

harry caygill says:

Jeez that knife

Alexander McDonald 85 (STUDENT) says:

Play COD BO2

laserdonkey 64 says:

Someone’s actually played halo before this on a guitar

Devin Lowe says:

0:04 he laughs like lance 210

SuperArrowskull says:

nope, your not the only one

Christopher Laforce says:

who here cause comment awards

Bwing Bwang says:

This video is basically new ad revenue

Funny Videos and Clips says:

Most of the video was you seeing if your hair is ok

AchmodinIV SWE says:

Bo2 zombies with a guitar hero controller

the cherry gamer says:

someone fucking did it

Nico Padua says:

nice knife use the gutiar with black ops 2

Ethan Amrine says:

Clickbait. Thumbs down

BeastThinks ? says:

Nope m3rkmus1c played bo2 with one

why you do this says:

*sees views.* becomes sad

Meinen88 Meinen88 says:

Voice crack at start???????????? ?

I am alone Studios says:

He does know he could have bought the Guitar That came with a rock band

The daily Squidward says:

Lol, the is the size of him self?

mars the big jelly baby says:

Infited warfare

JG tv says:

Voice crack hella

LoifEndoine day says:

Someone has dine it.

kill me please please says:

M3rkMus1c has done this

Linen Ray says:

how much is the game for ps3 and how much was th guitar

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