Pro Guitar Hero Player Makes Rookie Mistake

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Dion Tarrant says:

lol this would be easier on a real guitar

Chun Levi says:

Imagine being finger fucked by this guy

CryForMe says:

I wanna see this dude finger a girl

ZeroKungfustism says:

That must of pissed you off in the inside

Pancake Gamer says:

Not really a rookie mistake. It's an everyone mistake. We all make mistakes.

TheJimger says:

Let's not ignore the fact that this video has more views than any video on YouTube for the song he's playing (Charging the Void by Vektor), and of course in this video it's sped up. Super underrated song and band.

Lil Carmex says:

This isn’t real I play rock band and guitar hero everyday and if it was real there would be fire popping up after every note he hits…

TheStevieP says:

see you later richard LUL

Obsidian Flight says:

that wasnt a rookie mistake he just wasnt looking, if he played the song before than he is dumb to miss that

Kirsten Johnson says:

Kirey. Direy. Day. Hirey.. Pay.
Love love love love. Yires.
Fired cirehs. Good. Ok.

Happer says:

Is a -684 on normal speed, expert, all taps, 3 stars, and on keyboard as a sight-read on this song good?

The Cosa nostra creed says:

My brain cant even process that fast

Vero Trujillo says:

Dang your good

Erich Hollis Tha Preacha 116 Kirschke says:

That’s not even hard.

Jess Fisher says:

He is a beast at the game

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