Rhythm – Power Chords *Slower Tempo* Christian Guitar

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Free Christian Guitar Lessons – Lesson 8 – Practice Guitar Rhythm, done at a Slower Tempo. When your ready to move on, look for the Lesson 8 – Practice Guitar Rhythm at a Rock Tempo.

Working with Major Power Chords/Barre Chords. The Chords in this Lesson are ‘E(o) Major’, ‘A5 Barred’, ‘G3 Barred’, ‘B7 Barred’ & ‘E12 Barred’.
To make things easier for Newer Guitarists, I have placed the number of the Fret that will be Barred next to the Letter of the Chord.
—So – ‘A5’ will Quickly let you know that with the A Power Chord, your Index Finger is Barring the 5th Fret.

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Then, click Lesson 8 – For written info for this Lesson.

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