Richie Sambora and Orianthi shops at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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MrWobler76 says:

Kto by wytargał za te blond kucyki? Pytam się

marie marain says:

Want can of GUITAR Fender USA AMERICAN ?

NERFFYB 72 says:

Couple drinks there Rich lol!?

Muzzie0323 says:

I think Ritchie is drunk?

Arlen Manders says:

Thanks?but 6 million veiws is insane

Clive Silk says:

more money than sense !!!

knife says:

So this is where all the meth heads and couch spuds hangout,putting shit on Ritchie…..none of you tards will make it to where he's been.So put the crack pipes down and go back to bed.

Yusri Karim says:

Man, telecasters sure are one of a kind.

ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij says:

2:46 SRV licks

B G says:

ORI…. Please play ME!

AGE 3000 says:

? girl saved your video, if it were not for her, i would dizlike you sculpted

Om Teteh says:


Richard Gere says:

Guitar sounds better in the hands of people actually knows how to play it

Hoang Tran Minh says:

wtf. please turn off the amp before remove cable jack…

fuck google+ says:

she can play

paulj0557 says:

Would love to see Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King stop by…

лев абалкин says:

как-то похуй

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