SICKO MODE but I don’t think I got the right version

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dicko mode
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last updated 5-9-2018

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st0rmOW says:

I'm just gonna put this here
I also use twitter and twitch, so if you want new charts, updates, etc.

LaserAIDS says:

Ohhh that's why sicko mode is so popular
Now I get it

YouGotOnYoutube says:

You wanna hear Dicko Mode or Yobama?

BadStormer79 // Stormy says:

dicko mode

Antonio Nicolas says:

You looked more likeable before you opened your mouth

H3XER says:

That escalated quickly

hannahhipster says:

Why do I love this so much

I have No friends says:

Hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha when that drake part came on I couldn’t hahaha

Alexi Smith says:

“Jerked on his jimmy” – drake, 2018

Damien Gentlemen says:

5.1 k dislikes are people that didn’t wait to the end

Roland Oliva says:

Lmao who made that song edit

Mic Villain says:

I almost forgot to watch this today

Dylan Atkins says:

This shit was funny as shittttt ??

Chloe X says:

dick over rice?

GleeenCoCo says:

sicko mode went dicko mode

Noah Gava says:

are you the guy who said nothing 15000 times?

Keli Beershit says:

I'm crying hahaha

Thomas Bryant says:

Anybody else go back to see the "Charted Dick" lmao

scott pilgrim says:

Dicko Mode or MO BAMBA?!!!

Welp K.e.l.p says:

Moral of the song; HE GAY

BlazingTank578 2 says:

Copyright strike

Owen Peters says:


It went sicko mode on you.

David Serrano says:

Thas kinda sus not gonna lie

Shadow Jetpack says:

When he said “I charted a Penis,” he wasn’t wrong. Watch in slow mow at 5:02

Jordan Lynch says:

This isn't the right version ?????????

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