SICKO MODE but it’s played on an acoustic guitar

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Tuning: Drop D

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Y-Thien Lam says:

1:16 caught me off guard lol

joe skillington says:

That’s fucking insane ?

Charlie 06 says:

What guitar do u use

Kietur says:

This is sick

Chris B. says:

I have the same shirt as him

ruchi sharma says:

Alixa play Sicko mode by Andrew Foy!!

Sophia DelGaudio says:

this video is amazing bro

Ali Floth says:

daaang okay ??

Marvin Buckner says:

U can’t listen to this without hearing the lyrics in ur head

Angela Zhang says:

this is why you are a king

Joey Horan says:

Could you try This Town, Flicker, or On the Loose by Niall Horan? They are definitely the type of songs that would fit perfectly with guitar

Purple Sponge says:

This is amazing

K r e e says:

I still have yet to hear the original

[Mika2] says:

My phone fell after 1:16

jbquigley2010 says:

Wow awesome job

y33tboy says:

Beginning chord kinda sounds like SAD!

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