Simplicio is the Stradivarius of Guitars / Most Innovative ideas on guitar making (1929 Barcelona) Andalusian flamenco guitars Spain

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Three-dimensional sound
“Introduction to Stradivarius” by Peter Sheppard Skaerved

1) Simplicio 1929 triple sound port guitars

2) Francisco Simplicio, his original ideas and their role in avant-garde flamenco guitars

3) Simplicio male/female guitars vs Barbero´s
Doble boca vs Triple boca flamenco sound

4) “Golpe” and percussive nuances on Simplicio 1929 triple sound port vs double sp

5) Sound portal(s) THE matchless feature

6) New Simplicio 1929 negra zero fret

7) Simplicio shingle-wood top negra 1929

8) Affordable Simplicio 1932 new flamenco model


Ex.1/ 05:45 FS negra back
Ex.2/ 04:53 FS tops
Ex.3/ 00:14 topic
Ex.4/ 13:31 links and guitars by Stradivari


Three-dimensional sound

Simplicio is the Stradivarius of Guitars

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