Slash's Ultimate Guitar Showdown: #2

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thug2ryde says:

@metalrocker68 Hit the nail on the head.

thug2ryde says:

@metalrocker68 The last thing anybody needs is a 13-year-old trying to validate himself by bitching about Slash. Go take your shitty complaints back to the Kirk Hammet videos.


@metalrocker68 Dude, thats fake and gay.

evhfan1000 says:

HAHA Darn! Dropped My Pick!


nine9live5 says:

sometimes i use the zoom g1 its nice but sometimes i use it without the effects pedal, both sound nice but i prefer w/ the pedal

nine9live5 says:

sorry lol didn't see the date 🙁

nine9live5 says:

i got the same amp nice for home practice and portable, overdrive also sounds gr8 aswell

kingtoster says:

ye i saw it ty

kingtoster says:

what kind off Gibson les paul standard is this its so cool the color and all

Jasper Corrales says:

i have the same hair as you slash on halloween i dressed just like you and i do know how to do the solo on the guitar

Tony Capo says:

no he got it fixed. he finally learned he needed 2

Tony Capo says:

oh thats kool. i hate you >=D. lol, do u like it? i heard my friend say that he fried the head because he only plugged his in with one speaker cable

Tony Capo says:

lmfao, thats the one i bought. i didnt want a huge amp because honestly, i just just find it inconvenient. i mean, im 13 so i dont need a big one anyway. what amp do u have, kuz i see that u have an sg

Tony Capo says:

yeah i have a line 6. sounds great through my epi les paul

CusterFlux says:

Slash isn't exactly a technical player, but the guy's playing just oozes attitude and musicality, he's worth his hat!

CusterFlux says:

Dirty secret?

You're in luck!

A lot of albums don't even use expensive amps anymore, they just pretend to 'cause it sounds cool, these days, the hot box is a Line 6 X3 – I think you can plug into that for under $500!

PedroFirmus says:

even bread?

Dav says:

Hopefully the shop you are getting it from give all their guitars a professional setup, if not, you really should look into getting it professionally setup by a guitar technician, you will notice a HUGE difference in playability!

Dav says:

I have owned a few epiphones in the past, they were horribly when I first bought them, but after getting them set up by a professional guitar tech, and dropping some new p/ups into them, they were lovely guitars, I would have another one as well, though, with Epiphone's I find you are best to try a few different ones out, because they are all so different from each other, even though they are the same model, each one plays differently, some bad, and some good…

Dav says:

I have owned several different LP's over the years, but I am now in love with Japanese replicas, I have a lovely Tokai LS95Q Love Rock with a beautiful quilt top on it, it sounds better than any Gibson Standard that I have had in the past, and it cost a few £100 cheaper that the Gibson's as well, the Tokai was £799 while the Gibson was £1299, and when I got the Tokai I tried out a Gibson LP Custom, and a Standard, and the Tokai sounded and played better than both of the Gibson's!!!

Carlos Vivero says:

thanks dude

Monkies97 says:

Slash= God like. SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Vivero says:

what kind of marshall amp is that?

Jonathan Dye says:

November rain is easy because its crap.

Dav says:

great vid,, i agree what hes saying there about learning other ppls solos,, ive always just learned licks from other folks solos and tried to incorporate them into my own stuff…

jenholland says:

cool … sexy !!!!

Lisa Rey says:

Slash is COOL!

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